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An introduction to Lean Thinking

LeanStart is an introductory, short-focused training programme that introduces your company to Lean thinking. Lean thinking is a set of business principles that can help staff learn new ways of working and identify inefficient processes that do not add value to a business. 

Who is it for?

You might be eligible if: 

  • You are an existing Enterprise Ireland (EI) client
  • You are a potential EI client operating a small to medium business

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What do you get?

  • Up to €5,000 worth of time, usually 7 days
  • Access to an external Lean Coach who will work with you to organise your business more efficiently 

What can it be used for?

  • Coaching in waste identification and structured problem-solving.
  • Establishment of a more effective workplace organisation 
  • Establishment of better communication & collaboration at work

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If this sounds like the right support for your business, call our dedicated hub for more details on how to apply.

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