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Market Research Centre

Turn market data into better business decisions

Enterprise Ireland's Market Research Centre helps businesses to collect data to uncover trends, potential successes, and challenges in a market. Based on this data, businesses can make smarter choices and gain valuable market research skills.

Who is it for?

You might be eligible if: 

  • You are an existing Enterprise Ireland (EI) client 
  • You are a potential EI client operating a small to medium business

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What do you get?

  • Country reports  
  • Global company profiles  
  • Multi-sector reports 

What can it be used for?

Researching competition and new markets for expansion.

Get in touch

If this sounds like the right support for your business, call our dedicated hub for more details on how to apply.

*Phone operating hours are Mon - Fri from 9am - 5pm

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