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Digital Discovery

Develop a digital plan and introduce new technologies

To be competitive in today’s market, businesses need to understand what digital technology can offer. This digital grant helps businesses to understand their current abilities, find opportunities to improve, and introduce new digital technologies into their ways of working.

Who is it for?

You might be eligible if: 

  • You are an existing Enterprise Ireland (EI) client 
  • You are a potential EI client operating a small to medium business

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What is provided?

Up to €6,300 to cover the cost of a digital expert who will help you develop a digital plan for your business.

What can it be used for?

  • Helping businesses assess their current digital ability
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement of existing digital systems
  • Developing a plan to introduce new digital solutions
  • Areas of focus would include Enterprise IT systems that are not already in use in the organisation (CRM, ERP, MES, Cloud Computing etc.), or Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) 

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If this sounds like the right support for your business, call our dedicated hub for more details on how to apply.

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