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Disruptive Technologies Partnering Portal

Collaboration between companies working with disruptive and sustainable technologies

Disruptive, Digital and Sustainable Technologies are those that have the capacity to “disrupt” or alter markets and the way businesses operate. They often involve new products and services and the emergence of new business models. IDA Ireland's Disruptive Technologies Partnering Portal (DTTP) is an online platform designed to connect companies to foster collaboration and partnerships between companies working with disruptive and sustainable technologies.

Who is it for?

Any company based in Ireland, including established businesses, startups, and multinationals.

What do you get?

  • Find Business Partners: Companies can search a comprehensive database of service providers with expertise in disruptive technologies. They can filter results based on specific needs and find potential partners to help them integrate new technologies into their operations.
  • Signal Partnership Needs: Companies can set their partnering preferences and advertise their specific needs on their profile. This allows service providers to reach out and propose solutions.
  • Join the Community: The DTTP offers a forum where users can discuss partnership opportunities, grants, research projects, and other relevant topics. This fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Irish disruptive technology ecosystem.

What can it be used for?

Overall, the DTTP acts as a central hub for companies in Ireland to connect, collaborate, and drive innovation through disruptive and sustainable technologies.

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