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Grants & Funding

Grant and Funding Support for Tourism Businesses

Fáilte Ireland helps to support tourism development in Ireland through an investment strategy, which underpins all our investment in tourism capital projects by both the public and private sectors, including all grant schemes and strategic partnerships,  to advance the potential of Ireland  as a world-class tourism destination.

You might be eligible if:

  • Your business must be officially registered and operating in the Republic of Ireland. You'll also need to be tax-compliant.
  • Your business targets tourists or provides tourism or hospitality-related products, services, or experiences.
  • Accommodation Providers:
  1. Existing or planned accommodation providers must be registered or approved under Fáilte Ireland's National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF).
  2. Specific types of accommodation (hotels, guest houses, etc.) require registration as Statutory Accommodation Providers with Fáilte Ireland.
  3. Other accommodation types (B&Bs, historic houses, etc.) need approval as Non Statutory Accommodation Providers.

These are general guidelines. Funding programs may have additional criteria.

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What do you get?

  • A range of tourism grant aid and funding opportunities to support the development and enhancement of the tourism visitor experience 
  • Grant aid and funding opportunities are aligned to Failte Ireland's Regional Tourism Development strategies and Destination Experience Brands: Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's Ancient East, Ireland's Hidden Heartlands,  Dublin  as well as supporting the EU regenerative tourism and placemaking scheme for the Midlands Region (2023-2026)

What can it be used for?

  • To offer a wider variety of high-quality experiences 
  • To encourage sustainable practices
  • To lengthen tourist stays and extend the tourist season
  • To make tourism more accessible
  • To create jobs and boost the economy

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