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National Climate Action Programme

Strategic guidance and planning for tourism businesses to become more sustainable and cut costs.

The National Climate Action Programme is a multi year strategic development and investment programme for Tourism & Hospitality businesses in improving business sustainability while reducing operating costs to the business. 

Who is it for?

  • Open to established, tax-cleared tourism businesses (owners/managers) in Ireland with a physical location
  • Businesses must be demonstrably serving domestic/international visitors
  • Businesses must be spending €10,000+ annually on energy (excluding transport), and committed to sustainability.

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What do you get?

  • Tailored support and investment advice from an expert team to mentor your business and help you develop a tailored sustainability action plan.
  • A dedicated Advisor will assess your business’s existing baseline data and will develop a tailored action plan to reduce your carbon emissions and improve your business’s overall sustainability credentials.
  • Easier access to grants and low-interest loans suitable for tourism businesses.
  • Advice on credible certification with guidance on accessing the All-Island Sustainability Assurance Programme to communicate and market your sustainability.

What can it be used for?

  • To get a full sustainability analysis to inform and refine your medium to long term sustainability strategy and targets.
  • To develop a tailored action plan for your business to become more sustainable.
  • To reduce costs and save on energy, water and waste.  
  • To get expert guidance, with continuous support from a dedicated expert advisor to guide your plan, improvements and investment decisions as well as  information on how and where to access funding supports to drive reduced costs and carbon emissions
  • To enhance reputation and boost your business’s re competitiveness 

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