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Community Energy Grant

Community-wide energy efficiency initiatives that include businesses

The SEAI Community Energy Grant isn't designed specifically for individual Irish businesses, but it can still be relevant. The program focuses on supporting initiatives that improve energy efficiency across entire communities, which can include businesses alongside homes and community buildings

Who is it for?

The SEAI Community Energy Grant isn't targeted towards specific business types since it focuses on community-wide projects. However, any Irish business located within a community applying for the grant could potentially benefit  from the initiative

Eligibility is subject to terms and conditions.

What do you get?

  • Capital Funding: This is the financial grant provided by SEAI to help cover the costs of implementing the community's energy efficiency upgrades. The exact amount will vary depending on the project's scale and needs.
  • Technical Support: SEAI offers technical expertise to assist communities throughout the project. This might involve guidance on identifying suitable energy-saving measures, selecting contractors, and ensuring the project meets technical requirements.
  • Partnerships: SEAI can help connect communities with potential partners who can provide additional resources or expertise. This could be helpful for projects that require a broader range of skills or knowledge.

What can it be used for?

  • Upgrading Buildings: This could involve installing better insulation, replacing old windows and doors, or upgrading heating and cooling systems.¬†
  • Renewable Energy Initiatives: The grant can support projects that introduce renewable energy sources to the community. This might involve installing solar panels on community buildings, developing a small-scale wind turbine project, or exploring geothermal energy options.
  • Energy Awareness Programs: The grant can also be used to fund educational programs that promote energy-saving behaviors within the community. This could involve workshops on energy efficiency in homes and businesses, or campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy.

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