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Skills for Better Business Online Assessment

A short, self-assessment tool, giving you direct insights into how to improve your skills and capabilities as an owner-manager of a small to medium-sized business.

The Skills for Better Business Online Assessment is a free resource offered by the Irish Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) specifically for small and medium-sized business (SME) owner-managers. It's a self-assessment tool designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in various business competency areas.

Who is it for?

The Skills for Better Business Online Assessment is designed for owner-managers of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Ireland. While others can take it, the focus is on those who lead and manage a team of people within an SME.

What do you get?

  1. Self-Assessment of Business Competencies: The assessment itself is a questionnaire that takes about 10 minutes to complete. It uses 50 statements spread across four key areas crucial for running a successful business:
    •    Operations, Digital and Innovation
    •    Leadership and People
    •    Sales and Marketing
    •    Strategy and Finance
    By answering these statements, you gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas.
  2. Personalized Development Report: After completing the assessment, you'll receive a bespoke report. This report acts like a personalized roadmap for your business development journey. It includes:
    •    Skills Breakdown: A detailed overview of your current level of skills and competencies across the four pillars mentioned above.
    •    Priority Areas: Identification of areas where you have the most room for improvement.
    •    Recommendations: Access to a range of resources and supports specifically designed to help you address your skill gaps. This could include training programs, mentorship opportunities, or business advisory services.

Overall, the assessment helps you identify what you're good at and where you need to focus your efforts to become a more effective business leader.

What can it be used for?

  • Self-diagnose strengths and weaknesses: Identify areas of business where you excel and areas that need more focus.
  • Develop a personalized development plan: Get a roadmap for improvement based on your specific skill gaps.
  • Access relevant resources: Find training programs, mentors, or advisors to help you address your weaknesses and enhance your overall business skills.
  • Become a more effective leader: Ultimately, the goal is to help you make better decisions and achieve greater success for your business.

If this sounds like the right support for your business, call our dedicated hub for more details on how to apply.

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